Manifesting; A Direct Prayer Helps Find Lost Keys

This was sent to me by a friend recently who asked for guidance in prayer form to find her lost keys. She followed her feelings, and without realizing gave her subconscious the commands “to listen” and “be led back” to them. This is wonderful story and a nice example and follow-up to, yesterday’s post titled,  “Manifesting; Thoughts and Prayers Literally Answered”.

Two weeks ago a lot of stuff was going on in my life and I went to the Photo Expo at the Javits Center in NYC. It is a huge exhibition of vendors in photography equipment, software, imagery etc. While there somehow in collecting free stuff from vendors, my keys fell out of my bag and it was so noisy I guess I didn’t hear them. After two hours and seeing 50 some booths, I realized that they are gone. They were my house and my car keys, but I decided not to panic. I went to look for the Lost and Found and they said they no longer had a Lost and Found, and no one had turned anything in. So I decided to pray… Then I calmly retraced my path from the beginning asking a few of the vendors if they had found keys…  No one had… I almost gave up but I thought, “No, I’m not going to give up. They are my keys and it is right that I have them. I can listen and be led to find them”! So I continued and went up to one place where I had stood and watched for a while. I was led back to a booth where I had stood earlier in the day and asked one of the people if they had found any keys and he answered, “Yes… We have been waiting for you to return–because we knew you would”…

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