Sixth Sense Says “No Cancer”; Wishful Thinking or Reality?

A woman called for a phone session. She wanted an intuitive reading about her health. I closed my eyes, and asked for inner guidance. As I started visualizing her body I began experiencing a rapid heart beat and constricted breathing. “I can’t swallow. I have a big lump in my throat. I feel like I am having an anxiety attack” I said.

As I continued to medically intuit my focus shifted to her breasts. “There is concern about your breasts. Do you have breast cancer”? “That’s my question to you. I would like you to use your intuition and tell me what you get” she said.

“I will give you my sixth sense read on this however; you must follow-up with a medical professional! And I would like to speak further about the details of your case after this reading”.

She agreed to do both. Again I closed my eyes and heard, “She is cancer free. Her lumps are benign”… My body felt quiet, and resolved as I shared this out loud. “Tell me more about what’s going on. I am also a counselor. Perhaps I can offer you support in other ways”

The client is in her late forties. Her mammogram came back with suspicious looking lumps in both breasts. The radiologist was very concerned but showed little empathy delivering this devastating verbal blow, “I would be surprised if this isn’t malignant and if it is, it is highly likely that the lump in the other breast is malignant too”…

And then almost in passing, like a slip of the tongue my caller uttered some golden key words. She told me that the radiologist had missed a spot in another patient’s X-ray which turned out to be a malignancy, and because of this oversight she wanted to be very thorough, so she ordered another battery of tests including a biopsy for each breast.

Isn’t it enough to be haunted by our own real fears of having cancer? Only to add insult to injury with threats from over zealous medical professionals making predictions based on statistics? Please remember that you are a unique person, not one of the numbers.

Has something similar happened to you? In my next blog I will write about my recent scare of having breast cancer and how I waded through these rough waters. When the lab work came back the result of her left breast lump, was benign…

The result for the right breast was pending. “You know, it was sort of strange, my client said. The radiologist had a sheepish grin on her face when she told me the initial finding. And she also seemed to be justifying all the extensive testing.

Do you still feel I am okay”? “As I listen to your story, I said, it sounds like the radiologist is in alarm alert mode. She is protecting herself to cover all her bases, including her own reputation and career. I DO still feel you are cancer free. I have absolutely no sense of disease in your breast” I answered. What’s your intuition say? Do you trust this radiologist”? “I feel like I am fine. And no, I don’t trust her. I haven’t felt right about her all along”. “Hold onto this feeling, I said. Call the lab yourself instead of waiting. And if my read is incorrect, PLEASE go to another radiologist. It’s vital that you trust” I reminded her. …

A few minutes after we hung up, my client phoned again. The lab results for the right breast were benign!

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