Tales of telepathy; Think and They Call or Reappear

Have you had a telepathic moment?… You’ll be thinking about someone and within moments they call, email, or text message you ? Has it is only happened with people you know fairly well? Did you chalk it up to weirdness, coincidence, or something else, like mental telepathy?

I looked up the meaning of telepathy in Wikipedia, to read a more formal definition. Telepathy is the ability to transfer thought by means other than the five basis senses, and the ability to read thoughts and stored information in the brain of others

This reads as matter of fact but it’s pretty amazing especially when you’ve experienced both processes personally. Just think about it, we have our own personal wireless network with two distinct features;  sending and receiving thought!

I often wonder who initiates the thought? Did I intuit an incoming call as the person was thinking of dialing me, or did the person catch the drift of my thought and act on it calling me first?

Intuitive processes fascinate me, specifically how we go about refining these abilities to make them more consistent? Intention and the intensity of thought seems to factor into the majority of my experiences. I think about many people in a day; people I know and professionals I want to reach, but they don’t all comply to my thought and contact me.

What’s your take on this? Here’s a recent example of telepathy.

I was recently trying to get in touch with a Sgt. in our police dept. I was very focused and inspired to begin writing my Opinion Column for next month about the new anonymous text tip hot line. I put a call in to him a few days before and left a message. As I began writing ideas for the title of this particular column, I wondered when the Sgt. would get back to me and whether to call him again. The phone rang. Guess who it was? “I was just thinking about you” I said…

And below is my first truly amazing telepathic experiences, a double header. This story is also posted on my website, so if by some chance you’ve read it before, I hope you enjoy it again. Finding Alice and Janet were pivotal life altering experiences. At the time nearly thirty years ago, none of us knew about telepathy and the power of thought. I hope my stories will inspire you to share some of yours. I look forward hearing from you.

Finding Alice and Janet

I remember saying “I am looking for my childhood friends, Alice and Janet, whom I haven’t seen in fifteen years. I want to bring my past and present together.” An hour later I went to meet some people for lunch. Alice was standing directly in front of me, in a cafeteria, in New York City, of all places! And as fate would have it Alice had recently been in touch with Janet’s family. I got Janet’s phone number and called her. She was shocked to hear from me, after so many years. I told Janet how I’d run into Alice on the very day I’d spoken about finding both of them. Again I heard myself saying, “Mark my words I will meet you on the streets of New York soon.” “Okay she said, but I live in Philadelphia.”  There was a sense of certainty in my words that was even surprising for me to hear. Everything else felt congruent. And sure enough a few months later for some reason something moved me to walk a new way home and to cross the street. Walking towards me a block away was my best friend Janet! She was driving back to Pennsylvania after a trip to Vermont, and for some reason decided to stop in Manhattan, before heading home…

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  1. baldgirls on the Sep 07, 2009 remarked #

    So Cool! I love the was telepathy works! Synchronicity at it's finest! Thank you for sharing, Stephanie. Do you think telepathy works with animals? They sure seem to know what we are thinking much of the time. At this moment, my dogs are looking at me saying, "Get us a Milkbone..Get us a Mllkbone." I eat lunch daily at Lake El Estero and have lately been very cognizant of the crows. One in particular the other day caught my eye as he sat Watching me from up on on the telephone wire and I sent him a message, "Hey you! I would be happy to give you a peanut, but you have to fly down here, right next to my car." and I focused on a particular 3 fout section of pavement. He tilted his head and regarded me and within a minute, flew directly to where I asked him to and had a nice peanut treat. Now, I did not have the peanuts OUT and was reading, not eating at the time so I feel sure I offered it with my mind. How exciting would that be if we all understood each other like that? I think telepathy requires LISTENING, though, which is the tricky part for most of us. Any suggestions on how to practice listening for telepathic messages and guidance?

  2. Stephanie R. Alt on the Sep 07, 2009 remarked #

    I do think animals pick up on our thoughts and feelings. I speak with animals all the time, just because I feel their personalities..When my daughter was very sick, her cat slept on the parts of her body that were afflicted. In regards to listening to our inner voices and sorting which are intuitive ones…my suggestion is to quiet yourself and remember different times when you had intuitive experiences. Imagine these times and listen again to how your thoughts sounded in your mind, paying attention to volume, pitch, tone, and emphasis. My intuitive voice is very decisive, low toned, calm, moderate tempo…etc. Hope this gives you a start. Analyzing and processing and practice..allows you to become very familiar with your intuitive voice..

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