Divine Intervention and Communicating With Spirit

Do you believe in divine intervention; that God helps facilitate events in the human world and specifically in your life? Have you personally experienced the power of prayer or the power of thought?  Has something you’ve mentally asked for manifested materially?

I shy away from debate over this issue because it is a personal matter, a choice in how and whether you maintain faith in a higher power and a world beyond comprehension. This blog is devoted to sharing amazing extraordinary stories and in this post I will share another experience that for lack of explanation felt like divine intervention.  I prayed and was assisted personally and was guided in channeling communication with the spirit of someone who had passed away.

Over the years I have made prayer a part of my daily routine, seeking spiritual guidance and answers about all aspects of my life, and when I do psychic readings I do the same.

Last Friday I was in Carmel, CA where I consult and business was very slow. It has been slow for awhile and at times I find myself feeling disheartened. I decided to take a short walk and get some take out lunch.  It was a spring fresh crystal clear, bright and sunny day. I lifted my head high, took a long deep breath and said, “ God, please send me people whom I may help today, whom I may be of service to”.

I returned some fifteen minutes later sat down still pensive and ate. As soon as I threw my trash away and refreshed my lipstick two women walked in. One of them stopped and asked, “Do you do intuitive readings”? “Thank you, God” I rejoiced silently.

“Tell me about my husband” she said. I took her hands, closed my eyes and heard, “He is completely debilitated. I see him lying in bed trapped imprisoned in his body. He feels powerless and impotent and for a man who lived such a vigorous life, this is like torture”.  I opened my eyes and my client said, “This is exactly how he was but he died ten days ago”. “Oh I am so sorry to hear this” I said. “Do you want me to try and communicate with his spirit?  I do not know what I will hear but I will do my best. “Yes if you can, that would be wonderful” she said.

I took her hands again and first I saw what looked like a small treasure box. It was dark leather with an ornate leather strap, decorative latch and keyhole.  I described this out loud and then I heard, “Find the box.  The box has important papers in it but more importantly it has a ring.  The ring is what you must find”.  I opened my eyes and she smiled at me with tear filled eyes. “I did find the box.  It looks like a treasure box as you described and I found the ring”!  As she spoke I heard, “This is his mother’s ring” which I also shared.  “Yes it is and there is a funny story about this ring. My husband and I were married for forty years. I asked if I could have the ring years ago when we first met. He told me; “no” because he was afraid I’d loose it”… “I guess he feels you earned it after forty years together.  Truly I believe he wanted you to have this ring more than anything now, to signify the compounded love he had for you and his mother, the two loves of his life”.

We spoke more about her desire to go to Mt. Shasta alone to commemorate their upcoming anniversary and some other issues in regards to her extended family.

Upon ending our session she said, “I was planning to get a psychic reading when I went to Mt. Shasta. There are so many psychics up there. But then I saw you and I knew I wanted to have a session with you instead”… We hugged. What a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with this loving woman who so bravely faces her life ahead, as she gracefully mourns the loss of her soul mate.

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  1. Janet on the Mar 24, 2010 remarked #

    This story is beautiful testimony about love and its unbounded connection.

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