Animal Symbolism and Animal Totems

It’s pretty common these days to see a Peace, Yin Yang, or Om sign displayed in one form or another, be it a charm or logo on a t-shirt. And you may notice many wearing religious symbols to honor their faith. Symbols are like flashcards, small reminders of big concepts.

In indigenous and ancient cultures animals, plants, and the natural elements are also imbued with powers larger than ordinary life. I’ve been asked about the significance of the animals that appear on my website: http://www.of2minds.com/ If you haven’t had a chance to visit my site check it out.

Each animal; the deer, snowy owl, beluga whale, giraffe, zebra and moose are animal totems;  animals that are thought to have certain virtues. When you look at my web pages, see if you notice any human-like expressions as I did when I selected them.

Just for fun choose animals you have a special fondness for. Look up the symbolic meaning they’ve held since ancient times. Are there any personality traits, or any correlations between you and the animals you are partial to?

Here is a little information about  mine.

The doe on the Bio Page I chose to represent me.  In Native American symbolism people with “Deer Medicine” are alert, intuitive, and often appear to have extrasensory perceptions. They are gentle with their words, thoughts and touch. (Under Services)

The buck on the Conscious Communication/NLP Coaching symbolizes strength and fortitude and one who would rather stand his own ground than harm another wrongfully. Becoming conscious of the words we use enables us to use words as powerful tools. Of 2 Minds Conscious Communication and NLP Coaching teaches you how to be assertive without being aggressive, and how to communicate effectively for success.

The snowy owl on Intuitive Coaching Page represents another Native Indian symbol. The snowy owl is known as the messenger who carries wisdom from the ancestors in the spirit world to the humans on earth. Snowy owls have the gift of channeling words of wisdom. Of 2 Minds Intuitive Coaching teaches how to develop and use insight, listen and trust the inner voice, and sharpen instinctive feelings for self protection and defense.

The beluga whale on the Intuitive Reading Page is symbolic of the ability to dive and dwell in the depths of subconscious mind comfortably.The whale is an ancient animal with extraordinary means of communicating. Belugas are enchanting and are even thought to be telepathic. I am psychic, telepathic, and clairaudient. I use this intuitive intelligence with my counseling skills to help resolve personal and professional issues.

The giraffe on Column Questions and Answers Page represents having your legs firmly planted on the earth, stable and reliable, with your neck and head; your thoughts far reaching towards the limitless; the sky. Of 2 Minds services answers your far reaching questions about how to use logic, feelings, and intuition in daily decisions.

The zebra on Amazing Stories Page symbolizes a kind hearted protector of friends and family. Legend says the black and white stripe patterns of a zebra hide create an illusion with the seen and unseen. Stephanie’s OF 2 Minds Amazing Stories Page shares her personal out of the ordinary experiences, and what to make of them. It also has an email and blogger link for you to share your own amazing stories.

The moose on the Benefits Page represents courage and wisdom. Symbolically moose are known to help uncover the depth of who we are and bring forth our inherent wisdom. Moose bellow and are heard as far as six miles away. Let the benefits of Of 2 Minds  services bellow and be heard wherever you are.

What symbolic meanings are associated with the animals you love? I welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to post them directly in the comment box on this page or email me at: stephanie@of2minds.com  If you would like more information about me and the services I offer as a Personal Life Coach click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this page,  http://www.stephaniealt.com/

Symbolism is also key in understanding dreams. I am trained in dream analysis and here to help you figure out what your dreams are trying to convey.

“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary”.                            Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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