Foretelling Dreams

“You’re a witch”, she said as I walked into her office. I was twenty three, just entering therapy with a Jungian analyst. “Witch in a good sense, meaning nothing dark and derogatory”, she clarified. I wasn’t offended. On the contrary calling me a witch was like hearing someone shout “Welcome home”!

I found a mentor and a safe haven to speak candidly about my intuitions. And I could process my vivid dreams.  Learning about dream symbolism and dream messages is like befriending a pen pal from a foreign land and learning a new language.

Most often dreams reveal issues we are grappling with in our daily life. They may be action packed, or appear like convoluted dramas and unsolved mysteries. In Jungian analysis each person in the dream is an aspect of you. For instance a child usually represents your inner child and parts of your emotional experiences as a child,  and an older man might be your animus or archetypal male side of self. Every element that appears  like water or air, plants and animals, also represents something important.

But sometimes dreams are paranormal. Have you had premonitions or visionary dreams? My amazing dreams occurred in times of  major transitions. Are there any patterns about yours?

The first extraordinary dream happened around the time I was thinking about entering a Masters program in counseling. There were two schools I was considering. I called both to gather more information. When I called Bank Street College of Education, in New York City, I felt revved and raring to go there. I didn’t know why. It was one of those times I decided to act on my feelings because it felt innately like the right thing to do.

And then I had this dream… I was inside a building. Someone was talking to me and said, “You will meet a woman who will become your mentor. She will lead you where you’ve always longed to go. You will know her immediately as soon as you see her”…

I awoke feeling like I had actually been in New York City. Somehow I was reassured, and moved forward with conviction. Within months my application was accepted, I gave my notice to leave my job, found an apartment to live in and moved. On registration day I whisked through the doors into a large foyer. The sky seemed to follow me inside because the lobby  has a cathedral shaped glass roof. And there was a tree growing from the ground right in the middle of the floor! Curved cushioned benches encircled the tree where students congregated. It felt like I was inside a holy sanctuary. I sat, waited, and wondered. Was I going to meet this special woman?

I turned to face the revolving doors. Suddenly a woman appeared like an apparition. She was suffused in sunlight and beaming. I jolted up from my seat. I walked briskly and stopped directly in front of her. “Hi, I am Stephanie I said. I think I am supposed to meet you”… “Okay darling, she smiled. I am the new Assistant Dean of the Counseling department. Are you a counseling student”? …

Ruth became my adviser, mentor, and friend. She introduced me to classic theories and innovative therapeutic approaches and people on the cutting edge like John Grinder and Richard Bandler; Co-Founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming which I am now master certified in. I was inundated with books, resources, people, places, ideas and feelings. Ruth taught my spirit to lift off and fly. Inadvertently she also inspired another extraordinary dream which I will tell you about in my next blog.

I look forward to reading your comments and hope you will share stories about some amazing dreams. You can post them directly or email me at: Stephanie@of2minds.com   If you are interested in discovering what a particular dream means I’d be happy to work with you. For more information about the other services I offer click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this blog: http://www.stephaniealt.com/

“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.” Stephanie Rachel Alt,MS

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