Helpful Tips on Understanding Dreams and Dream Messages

There are many types of dreams including ones which carry intuitive information. I have written about some of my out of the ordinary dream experiences in previous posts and will write more in upcoming ones. In this blog I want to focus on our “regular dreams”; the action packed, melodramatic, surreal fantasies, the mishmash of characters, images, and dialogs that you find yourself in the middle of.

Do you remember your dreams? Are they befuddling? How much attention do you give to making sense of them?  Do you say things like, “I had the strangest dream last night” and leave it at that; a pregnant pause? If you had helpful tips to unravel your dreams would you take the time to do so? Learning how to decode dreams and their symbolism is an exciting way to discover more about your inner self.

Carl Jung said, “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes”. Below is a dream someone presented, my line of questions, and the answers that ensued. I have also included my interpretation. I hope this will provide you a working example, a sample format that you can apply.

Remember as you process use questions that start with “What” and “How” to invite detailed answers. Asking “When” and “Why” usually limits the response to a word or two. If a part of the dream is confusing freely associate to each detail; colors, objects, animals, and people.

Here is another quote from Carl Jung that says it best…“One would do well to treat every dream as though it were a totally unknown object. Look at it from all sides, take it in your hand, carry it about with you, let your imagination play round it, and talk about it with other people. Primitives tell each other impressive dreams, in a public palaver if possible, and this custom is also attested in late antiquity, for all the ancient peoples attributed great significance to dreams”…

The dream:..A woman returns to the place where she grew up. She is with a man she had a crush on as a child. All the girls in elementary school liked this boy. She was shy and self conscious especially around him. Sometimes she felt invisible. It seemed he hardly noticed her. But now as adults in the dream, this man is very attentive and interested in her. She appears comfortable and confident in her own skin. They talk for awhile and laugh about the past. He brings her to visit one of his sister’s, the one she knew best growing up, and the one whose name she always loved. The sister is very welcoming, and asks her why it’s taken so long for her to return. After their visit the man and woman drive to an open field in the country. All of a sudden the young man transforms, regressing back into a pre- teen; a twelve year old boy. Out of the cloudless blue sky a tiny green helicopter appears. It hovers and lands. It looks like the new electric Mercedes Smart Car with chopper blades. The boy walks towards the copter, gets on board, turns back to look at her smiling. He waves, and bids the woman adieu. The green helicopter lifts off and disappears, like a UFO returning to outer space.

Do you already have some insights after reading this? Read on and find out if they are similar to mine. Here are some questions I asked to elicit the subconscious thoughts and emotions that fueled this dream.

Q.“What went on during the day or night that you had this dream?” “What’s been on your mind?”

Q.“What feelings do you remember wrestling with before you went to bed”?

A.“I went to a social event and felt out of place. There were a lot of people eating, drinking and dancing. The music was great and I wanted to dance, but I felt awkward asking the men to dance because I didn’t know them.”

Q. “What did you do?”

A. “I stayed for about an hour and then I left.”

Q. “You dream about returning to the place where you grew up. What comes to your mind about returning there”?

A. “It brings back a lot of sad feelings. I was really shy and pretty unhappy as a child. I remember the boy in my dream handing out Valentines one year. All the girls in my class compared them with each other. The Valentine he gave me was the only one he signed with From, … The others were signed with Love, ….

Q. “In your dream you had a reunion with him as an adult? What did you notice?”

A. “As a woman I seemed secure and he was clearly attracted to me.”

Q. “If every aspect of our dream is about us, what did this part of the dream tell you?”

A. “It tells me I am very different now. I am not invisible. He found me attractive. Maybe I find myself more attractive than I did when I was a child.”

Q. “What are your associations to his sister?”

A. “She was beautiful and popular and always seemed comfortable with herself”.

Q. “Again, if every part of the dream is an aspect of yourself, what part of you does she represent?”

A. “Maybe, she represents the confident woman I am today.”

Q. “And she is very happy and very welcoming. What might that say?”

A. “I guess that this part of me is happy and welcoming to the awkward memories I had in my childhood.”

Q. “Why do you think the man becomes a twelve year old boy?”

A. “The last time I saw this boy in real life he was twelve. That’s my last memory of him.”

Q. “Tell me everything you associate to that green helicopter that looked like the electric car.”

A. “It is an eco-friendly car, fuel efficient, an energy saver. It just came from out of the blue and took the boy away.”

Q. “And the color green”?

A. “I think of green grass and plants, things that are growing and healthy for you.”

Can you hear the patterns in my questioning? What do you make of this dream and its symbolism?

I found her dream message indicative of a great emotional healing. The woman had a real life event that triggered uncomfortable childhood memories, especially in regards to her socializing with the opposite sex. Her dream self sent a powerful message; that as a woman she is now self assured, and magnetic. She meets another aspect of herself represented by the boy’s sister, who embraces her and reassures her wounded sense of self from childhood. The man becomes a boy again, returning to the age he was when she saw him last. He leaves her with a new memory to carry inside; a smile to reconcile her pain.  An eco-friendly “smart”, “energy saving” mode of transport comes from the ethos, from the place of spirit; the blue cloudless sky. It is green like healthy growing plants; like the healthy growing self,  and carries the childhood boy and self deflating memories away, off into the wild blue yonder.

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