Clairaudience, Can People Intuitively Hear Us?

Are you familiar with the saying,” Their ears must have been burning?” It is a colloquialism that refers to people contacting you shortly after speaking about them. Recently my daughter had a series of these out of ordinary occurences. Has this happened to you?  Better watch what you say.

Truly I don’t believe one can psychically eaves drop and literally hear what you are saying, however it brings to mind another form of extra sensory perception which is called clairaudience. Translated the term means clear hearing. Here is an edited definition from Wikipedia.

“Clairaudience may refer to impressions of the “inner mental ear” similar to the way many people think words without having auditory impressions. It may also refer to actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises which are not apparent to other humans or to recording equipment.”

Much has been written about the power of thought. Within the archives of this blog there are also many examples and suggestions about the impact of language and using specific words to access subconscious information and actualize what you want.

There are even stories about the act of wondering and synchronicity yet all of these include focused attention. But what about casually talking? Without conscious effort it seems thoughts are communicated and intuitive messages are received.

We were driving back home from Los Angeles after helping my son move into his dorm and got stuck in the crawl of rush hour traffic. What better way is there to pass time than by listening to music and reflecting on life and friends? My daughter shared antics from school and we reminisced about all our pets over the years. Then she opened up more personally and told me she was really disappointed with a friend she spent a great deal of time with this summer. “I am not going to contact Mike anymore. I haven’t heard from him in almost a month. I sent a few text messages and he never replied. We talked nearly every day and now that school has started there’s nothing.  I remember him telling me he spends time with his Salinas friends in the summer and during the school year it’s all about his classmates. I think that’s really stupid.”  …

I didn’t really know what to say other than I was sorry… No more than a half an hour passed when my daughter’s cell phone buzzed. “Mom, you’re not going to believe who this is! Mike just sent me a text message. Maybe he heard me talking about him.”

“I suspect he may have” I chuckled. Changing the subject I asked, “Have you heard from Jaz this weekend while we have been away?” “No, she doesn’t have a phone. Her mother took it. I think she is grounded again.”… A short while later my daughter looked over at me stunned and blurted, “Wow, this is really weird! I just got a text from Jaz”…

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  1. Scott on the Sep 08, 2010 remarked #

    Dear Stephanie:
    I’ve normally heard of the “burning ears”, as gossip which is degrading to the person. What ever the meaning, we may connect spiritually, when we are open to it. Have you or someone you telephoned picked up the phone without it ringing and begin a conversation; this has happened. As I said, we must be open to the spiritual or we will resist/ignore the contact.

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