Psychic Reading Over the Phone, Intuition Is Amazing

People have asked whether it is easier and more effective for me to do a psychic reading with the person physically present. Though I really enjoy working face to face, it is not necessary. I am able to accurately intuit information by phone and online. The genius of intuition, (anyone’s intuition, not just mine) is that direct information travels light and unencumbered. No attachment to the body required in order to send and receive.

Here is an example. …

A woman calls me for a phone session and asks if I can intuit about her health. I quiet myself and begin. I hear the words, “Pelvic Inflammatory Disease”. I also feel a sharp burning pain two to three inches below the belly button over to the left side. “It seems that you are having difficulty through your entire female track. Do you have pain in these areas” I ask ? “Yes, I’ve had terrible pain ever since I had an IUD implanted” she anwer…

We speak further and I urge her to return to the clinic immediately. It seems that the IUD has become dislodged, could be causing an infection. She tells me she too has had these thoughts, but didn’t trust her feelings, and was nervous to return to the doctor.  She is grateful for my support. I am grateful too.

The ability and far reaching capacity of intuition is perhaps as incredible to me as it is to you; those who know me and those who are reading about me, through this blog. Like any acquired skill, the more we consciously act on our instinct and intuitions, the more adept we become using this sixth sense.  We often say children are more intuitive than adults. Is this because they do not discriminate which thoughts and feelings are real; which to pay attention to and which to ignore?

Young children have fewer perceptual filters set in place. When my son was two I remember him asking, “When are we going to see Todd”? Todd was my older stepson’s friend. “What makes you ask? We haven’t seen or spoken about him in a long time. Was your brother talking about him? “No, my toddler said, I was just thinking about him.” No more than an hour later the doorbell rang. Guess who it was?… Todd!

Is this coincidence or something else? Carl Jung said “The term intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason”.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, and experiences intuiting information. You can add them directly in the comment section of this blog or email me at: stephanie@of2minds.com/

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“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary”.                         Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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  1. Stephanie R. Alt on the Oct 14, 2009 remarked #

    Wouldn't you say that telepathy is another word for intuition? In other words, mind talk.

    When I was a child, I could almost talk to my older sister without saying anything. If we were quiet and all of the sudden both of us would start talking about the same thing, or during the night and since we both slept in the same bedroom, we had conversations, but both of us were deep asleep. This is fascinating!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.See you next time…….
    How wonderful to read about your experiences. Telepathy is a form of intuition;the ability to share thoughts and read thoughts of others.
    I am telepathic and sentient.Sentient is the ability to feel what others are feeling physically.I have sensation but not serious discomfort when I intuit medically.
    Clairvoyance is another form of intuition where you are able to see things in picture form, and dream images. Some people are able to dream things that come to pass. They intuit future events. I have had the dream in Spanish and the dream about meeting my mentor in my Masters Program that I wrote about in my prior post. Mostly I hear thoughts like you and feel physical and emotional feelings.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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