Dealing with Infidelity,Extra Sensory Perception Our Best Advocate

Have you been forced to deal with infidelity in a relationship?

Did you have a sense that something was askew before you dealt with it directly? I have yet to speak with anyone who hasn’t known on some level beforehand. Instinct and intuition are always our best advocates.

People have asked how they can confront their partner without concrete evidence accusing them without proof. Let’s turn the table around.  Who are you worried about hurting and who are you protecting? If the answer is your partner, how much value are you placing on your self? Are you of equal importance? Suppressing intuition is essentially another betrayal which creates a double inner whammy. What outcome might you expect; loss of appetite, disrupted sleep, lack of focus, irritability, anxiety, and often depression.

There are two stories I will share which demonstrate how powerful a guardian the sixth sense is particularly when we are intimately involved. One is a personal experience when extra sensory perception defied all logic and reason. My intuition took the upper hand. Peacefully stayed it fiercely acted on my behalf. The second is an edited session from an intuitive reading I had recently. I share it to speak to the repercussions of infidelity; the mental and physical toll infidelity takes even after a couples’ mutual decision to reconcile and rebuild their relationship.

Years ago I was dating a medical student from a prestigious university. I was attending a state college in the same city and we met at my Special Education department director’s monthly potluck which was open to current students and alumni. Tim had gone through this under graduate program and was on his way to becoming a doctor. His brilliance and charm and perhaps a touch of self flattery sweep me off my feet. One evening Tim invited me over to his place.  He lived in a huge three story Victorian house which the university converted into dorm rooms. We sat on the floor listening to music, sipping tea and talking. It was fairly late probably nearing midnight when the doorbell rang. Tim ignored the intrusion but something in his demeanor changed. He looked somewhat dazed like a deer frozen in motion blinded by headlights. The visitor rang again and after awhile left. Tim crept to the window and peered through the curtains. Curiosity and a funny feeling prodded me to peek too. It was impossible to make out much. The street was scarcely lit. I only saw the shape of a woman from the back in silhouette. “Who was that?” I asked. “Oh just a friend of mine named Lilly.  She’s just a friend” he reassured me nonchalantly. But I knew there was more to his story. Weeks later I went to the food co-op run by the university’s students. I walked in with my roommate and began shopping. Something spurred me to look back towards the entrance as a woman and child came through the door. My attention was riveted. “San, I said that’s Lilly the woman who showed up at Tim’s the other night”. “How do you know? You said you didn’t get a close look at her” she questioned shocked at my assertion. “I don’t know how I know… I just do. I am going to confront her and find out.” “What if you’re wrong”? “I’ll cross that bridge later.”  And without aggression I asserted myself walking directly towards this woman. “Hello” I said extending my hand smiling. “Is your name Lilly?” I asked. “Yes, do I know you?” she asked looking back at me bewildered. “Well no we haven’t met, but I think we are dating the same man. His name is Tim…”

I bowed away from having anything further to do with Tim and Lilly wrote a writhing poem about me titled “The Cat”, a title I embraced proudly.  At twenty one my instincts and intuition were far more sophisticated and graceful than my years.

Healthy relationships are built on open, honest communication and the ability to put things on the line. Is infidelity the end of the line? It is the end of a certain way of relating. Some people terminate their relationship and others revamp it.

Caroline came to see me. She asked me to intuit psychically about her husband. I closed my eyes and heard, “You are worried about your husband remaining faithful.  He is a womanizer and a man addicted to sex. Is this accurate” I asked? “Yes” she said. “We are in couples’ therapy now and I want to know if you feel he has strayed from our marriage again. I also want to know if you see me getting pregnant soon.”  I closed my eyes and the following information came. “Did you have an abortion many years ago; a child you conceived with your husband at a time when you knew your marriage was on shaky ground?” I asked. Tearfully she admitted she had…

“I do not sense your husband is involved with another woman now, but I do feel your lack of trust and sorrow about having an abortion, much as it was the right decision at the time,  are  interfering on some level with your ability to conceive a child again.. Were you a ballet dancer years ago?” I continued. “Yes”. “I would like to see you return to dancing as a way of reuniting with your body. When there is infidelity we often disconnect from our bodies. Dancing is a great way for you to re own and center your self. It is also a way to beckon your spirit home.” “I have been thinking about dancing again. I was actually looking into modern dance.” she replied…

I welcome your thoughts and comments. If I can be of assistance helping you cope with infidelity please email me at: Stephanie@of2minds.com If you would like to learn more about me and the services I offer click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this page: http://www.stephaniealt.com/  You can also visit my website: http://www.of2minds.com/

“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”                                 Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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