Intuitive Children; Insights and Amazing Stories

Do you have or know a highly intuitive child? When you look into their eyes it’s as if there’s an unspoken understanding between you, a psychic connection. I casually refer to these children as “old souls”. They just seem wiser than their years, and more tuned in to the sixth sense.

I have written about my children who are now teenagers. Perhaps it’s not surprising to learn that they were very intuitive youngsters. Although they have very different personalities, interests, and learning styles, and differ in how they intuit information; one is telepathic and the other is sentient, as toddlers their approach to people and the world was oddly very similar. They were shy, contemplative, and discerning. Both were gregarious once they got to know someone, but it took them awhile to warm up. In the throws of parenting young children certain things can elude you. As a single mother this was true for me. Many reflections and insights have come to light now, as I see other toddlers behaving in certain ways that are reminiscent of my own.

I met with my dear friend and colleague a few days ago to have a good talk and receive a Seikendo, Shiatsu massage. He is the founder of Seibukan Jujutsu which is an internationally renowned, extraordinary system of martial arts, and a glorious spiritual community of dedicated and committed children and adults. We were catching up, speaking about our children. He and his beautiful wife have two daughters, a three year old and a three month old. His three year old is a child I feel like I’ve known before. Watching and interacting with her brings back many memories. She is very sensitive, shy, contemplative, and discerning. And now I have a better understanding about why this is. She is also very intuitive.

The family was watching “This is it”, Michael Jackson’s final tribute to the world. This little one said, “Papi, Michael Jackson is saying goodbye to us”! … She knew nothing about Michael Jackson’s life or death. “What do you mean? How do you know this” Julio asked her. “Look at him Papi, look at his face. See, he’s telling us goodbye” she answered in a matter of fact manner! …

Julio shared another amazing story. His daughter was sitting playing with her toys on the carpet when for some reason she said, “Papi,  I miss Abuela”.  Abuela means grandmother in Spanish. “I miss her too”,  Julio replied. Within minutes the phone rang. It was Abuela calling!

Jenna Forrest author of “Help Is on Its Way: A Memoir About Growing Up Sensitive”  writes about highly intuitive children…“There is a completely different set of rules for our highly intuitive, perceptive, and deep-thinking kids. Highly sensitive children can become overwhelmed by their keen intuition, involuntarily sensing and internalizing negative moods and feelings. This can make socializing feel complex and baffling, especially when the child is not able to pinpoint why. Forcing sensitive kids to go against their nature by talking to new people, making eye contact or performing, can be traumatic and can perpetuate social anxiety”.

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  1. Stephanie Alt on the Feb 16, 2010 remarked #

    Karen Lee
    I am totally enjoying your new blog, I haven’t got through all the stories yet, but your site is very user friendly, well put together and….. I see a book in your future. The concept is wonderful and I am happy to share your site, your good energy and intentions to my own network. People like you really do make a difference! We need all the good karma and vibrations to keep us sane these days :-)

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