Intuitive Thoughts and Becoming More Aware

Most of us are living at the periphery of consciousness while intuition invites us into the center.               Willis Harman

With all the thoughts that fill the mind how do you know which thoughts are intuitive thoughts? We learn to be critical thinkers. How do we become intuitive thinkers? Actually the answer is to be more analytical in processing what’s on our mind. Isolating types of thoughts and becoming aware of sensory differentials makes intuitive thinking more consciously accessible.

In an NLP Techniques and Power of Thought workshop I asked participants to begin tuning in and listening to their thoughts. Take a few minutes now to do the same. What’s currently on your mind? Write some of your thoughts down and read them over. Can you hear your inner voice reviewing? Read through your list a few times to become familiar with the voice that briefs you, your own Personal Inner Secretary. For example if I tune into mine right now this voice might say things like, “Today is Friday. Remember to pick up medicine at Costco. Clean the cat litters. Finish your blog.” How does this voice sound? Think of adjectives to describe it. Is this personal assistant’s voice a bit dry, hum drum or monotone? Mine is. Create a visual representation for this part of you. I imagine an attractive well dressed woman in a navy blue tailored suit, chic, sharp, and…dead pan.

Familiarizing your self with various aspects and inner voices is like learning to recognize different callers before they tell you who they are. I am certain there are a slew of people whose voices you naturally know; colleagues, good friends and family members.

Now, remember a time when you had an intuitive thought. Write down some adjectives to describe how your Intuitive Messenger speaks. In the following scenarios you can almost hear the urgency and intensity in the voices of the two men as they received intuitive thoughts from their Intuitive Messengers.

For some reason Chase starting thinking something was seriously the matter with his friend. The timing was really odd because he had just passed this friend on the road driving. He tried to figure out why he was worried. But the thought that something was wrong nagged him. “I have to turn around and check this out” it said. Chase headed back to the place where he last saw his friend. Arriving on the scene he saw an ambulance and police cars. His friend was in a car accident! …

Carl remembered being fourteen playing on his aunt’s enclosed patio with a basketball, punching it up into the air.  He thought, “I’d better stop this. Something bad is going to happen.” But another thought heckled him to continue. “This is cool. My cousins’ look impressed.” He punched the ball up another time. Sure enough the ball hit the glass roof and shattered it spraying glass fragments every which way. Sadly one shard cut his aunt’s arm…

What I have discovered is that my Intuitive Messenger interrupts the daily mind like an Emergency Broadcast System, although not all the intuitive thoughts are warnings. A voice cuts through the hubbub in my conscious mind and make its’ announcements. Stepping forward like a soloist in the choir she captivates my attention. And when I visualize my intuitive thinker I see a gorgeous African American gospel singer. Be creative and find an image that suits yours.

My friend and her son drove back to San Diego after a visit to our home in Salinas. It was a long haul. All of a sudden I had an impulsive thought to call and check in and see how their trip went.  I left a welcome home message on their land line.

Within minutes I received a call from this friend. I was so surprised to hear back immediately. “Did you just get home and get my message? “ No, I am calling you on my cell phone. I just had this feeling I should call you and let you know that we made it safely home” she said…

I welcome your comments, questions and any stories you’d like to share about intuitive thinking. Feel free to post them directly or email me at: Stephanie@of2minds.com/ If you would like to learn more about me and the services I offer as a Personal Life Coach click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this page:  http://www.stephaniealt.com/ or visit my website: http://www.of2minds.com/

“Fine-tuning intuition safeguards the future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”                                     Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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