Spiritual Symbols and Spiritual Signs

Do you attribute spiritual significance to seemingly ordinary things including nature and natural phenomena?

“Spiritual symbolism, where inner states are mirrored by outer events, is as old as humanity itself. Our mind uses physical objects as means of representing our inner feelings and emotions. The more symbolic our daily life is, the more imbued it is with symbols, and the more symbols and signs begin to appear”…   Dr Jim Euclid, Freelance Author

“The more symbolic our daily life is the more symbols and signs begin to appear…”

Does this strike an inner chord? How do more signs begin to appear? As our perception about self in relation to a higher consciousness evolves, do we assess things differently or does spiritual synchronicity occur with more frequency?  I think both are possible. Have you experienced this?

What happens when you see a rainbow? Do you feel inspired and hopeful? I believe rainbows are good omens, but I also act on the presupposition that the spiritual domain is viable source which interacts with the earthly plane.

On the morning of my aunt’s Memorial service the sky was dark and dismal. The extended family and friends gathered for a weekend six months after her passing. We convened in New Hampshire where she grew up. The weekend activities were celebratory to commemorate her life. But on the day of the service the day reflected the  somber mood. As we walked to our cars the sky opened and let loose. It poured. We filed into the Inn for the service dreary and drenched. But the moment my cousin stood at the podium and began to address the congregation the rain ceased. The sun beamed through the windows. The sky cleared completely. Many commented later that they felt Barbara’s presence and remarked at the timeliness of the sun’s arrival. The odd thing was that the same exact thing happened six months prior at her funeral service.

Perhaps this thinking is the result of active imagination and an attempt to explain out of ordinary experiences. Carl Jung believed active imagination is a way to engage the unconscious in a dialog with the conscious mind through the use of spiritual symbols and allegories. For some of us it is also the desire to understand the deepest layers of the unconscious which Jung said function independent of logic and scientific explanation and also give rise to paranormal phenomena…

My children and I went to Colorado a few summers ago to attend a Vietnamese Heritage camp. We stayed a few days after camp ended and explored. I was determined to see was a moose. I was on a mission. Of all the things I wanted to do and see this was the most important. On the very last morning before heading to the airport I spoke to volunteer at the Visitor’s Center in Grand Lake where we were staying. He told me a bull moose had been sighted near the entrance of a National Park about ten miles away. If I was willing to pay the entrance fee to get into the park I might catch a glimpse of a moose in the marsh area a few miles in. The possibility was worth side tracking and driving some extra miles out of the way before our long trek back to Denver. My children did not agree. They moaned and groaned and ridiculed me. But somehow I knew we would see a moose. The man told us to look for cars parked along the shoulder of the road. We drove past the marsh area and saw nothing. But up ahead I saw a few cars pulled over on the left. I headed there and as we got out of our car we met someone. “There’s a mother and calf grazing. They are close to the trees. Be careful and be really quiet. Moose run fast and a mother will charge if she is startled or catches your scent” he said. My children changed their tune! We crept cautiously into the woods and saw these magnificent animals. I couldn’t help thinking about the parallels between us mothers traveling with our children…

And this summer after ten years doves have returned to our backyard to nest and raise their young. The first time our former gardener discovered a nest in the trees he was trimming. He told us that doves “las palomas” are a sign of good luck. They choose a spot to build a nest each year and will not return in years to follow like other birds. We watched the mother patiently sitting on her eggs until they hatched and then we watched her teach her babies to fly. I remember my kids crying when the doves left and one of the babies returned the next day as if to say goodbye. My daughter was just starting school entering Kindergarten. And this year a decade later my son completed High School. In a few months he will go off on his own to college. I am filled with many emotions and associations as I soak in the image of the babies cuddling on the swing rocker, and the parents returning with food. It is bittersweet watching the family take off in flight headed in different directions.

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