Personal Boundaries

A client recently asked me how I safeguard myself when I do intuitive work. He wondered if I ever absorb the negative thoughts or physical maladies of the people I am working with.

I do not have this experience. I remain unaffected because I set and secure personal boundaries. Our talk reminded me of specific things I can share, things you can do to establish your internal boundaries.

1.  Decide what you will and will not do. Before each session I speak briefly about my professional back round and training, and my psychic abilities. I also state clearly that I do not make forecasts and predictions because I do not feel it is my place to do this. As a certified hypnotherapist I know the power of suggestion, time lines and definitive yes and no answers. It suggests a sense of omnipotence which I shy away from. Every introduction I make to initiate a reading resets my intentions and thus reinforces my boundaries. Have you taken time with your self to set up your guidelines? This is also applicable in any work context not just metaphysical and spiritual counseling.

2.  In NLP training we learn to assume a Meta position, the third point and the observer’s position. When I channel I hear thoughts which I relay. It feels like I am the conduit, the intermediary and the go between. The information comes to me and I forward it. I do not hold these thoughts in my body or mind for very long. The idea of delivering or carrying the information keeps it outside of my inner sanctuary where Stephanie’s self resides. The same is true when I intuit about health and medical issues. How might you redefine your role as a server to keep a close distance without being submerged?

3.  Create your own ritual. I always begin the session with my eyes closed to quiet and collect myself.  I ask for specific information that will be useful and relevant; to see and hear what is going on. In this way I have empathy without embodying the problem.  If you are feeling the pains of others and experiencing physical symptoms, send yourself the directive to receive information through your eyes and ears. Ask for information that only lightly touches or taps on physical and emotional feelings. The subconscious mind listens and follows directions. Tell it how to serve you so you will be of great service to others.

I hope my stories will inspire you to share some of yours. I look forward hearing from you. You may post a comment directly on this blog or email me at: Stephanie@of2minds.com

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“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”

Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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