Saying No and Setting Limits to What You Intuit

A few days ago I had two back to back sessions which were like night and day. I think it is important to note that sometimes you connect to a person and sometimes you don’t. For those of us who work in human service fields, it is important to acknowledge that we may not please everyone, for whatever the reasons. Fortunately this doesn’t happen very often, and it seems to happen because I draw the certain lines in my psychic offering and advice.

A woman once asked me when she was going to die. She wanted to know the date…There may be psychics who can answer this question. I accept knowing and saying that I am not one of them.

A woman asked me to intuit about a relationship and the success of a book she’d written. I began with the relationship. I saw this woman standing centered on a stage, in front of the curtains. The spotlight was on her. I also saw a shadow of a man, standing at the farthest point backstage, off in the wings. He was like a ghost, a phantom, an obscured and remote part of her past. I felt very little connection to him in reference to her present life. As I spoke these words, the woman seemed impatient and annoyed.

“Yes, he is in the back of my mind but that is because of me. I want to know what you see happening with us in the future” she snapped. I told her I do not forecast the future and from everything I see, hear and feel this relationship is in the past, and it is over. She seemed dissatisfied.

She asked about her book. As I closed my eyes again, I heard, “This book is not ready for publication. It needs to be re-edited. It is not the right time to publish it”. I opened my eyes and asked if it had already been edited, because I felt it needed to be revised.

“Yes, it’s ready to be published”, she huffed. “I want to know if I should publish it and how it will do. There is personal information in it that my children do not know about, about my relationship to their father”.

I repeated that I did not feel it was the right time to publish this book and as I had initially intuited, felt the book needed to be re-edited. “I am done with this reading. This is not what I came for” she said, gathering her things.

Did I answer her questions? I think I did. How I answered though, obviously did not meet her expectations.

The next woman sat down and I reiterated that I do not make definitive forecasts, though I do make suggestions and recommendations based on the information I receive. She said she was actually more comfortable having a reading this way. “Can you tell me about selling my home in Palm Desert” she asked?

“This property is actually very marketable in a time when the market is dreary. February is the month that I hear”. How ironic, I thought that I am hearing a specific month. “Are you thinking about moving in the winter?” I asked. “Yes, I was thinking by February, which you just affirmed” she answered. “Do you know where you’d like to live? Would like me to channel on this issue? “I am open to moving anywhere” she said…

As I closed my eyes, I heard “Newfoundland, Newfoundland, she needs to go to Newfoundland. She has roots there, spiritual connections, her core is there”. I didn’t really think the woman wanted to live in a cold climate like Newfoundland, yet I felt compelled to ask her. “Are you interested in living in a cold climate, because I keep hearing a message for you to go to Newfoundland”? “I lived in Newfoundland. I grew up there. My parents, children, and ex-husband still live in Newfoundland. It is the place that I call home, and I do feel my core resides there.

At some point I want to return but not until things stabilize with my ex-husband”! “That explains why I keep hearing this message. Let me go back inside and listen further”. “South America, in the mountains” I shared. “Are you drawn to South America”? “Yes, I would love to go to Peru; she smiled looking at my Spanish grammar book. I just have to study Spanish like you”…

There are few words to describe how I feel intuiting accurate information which supports, affirms, and clarifies issues. The smiles, hugs, and appreciative words affirm that I am answering my spiritual call.

I am humbled and eternally grateful for this gift. I welcome your thoughts, questions and stories. You can post them directly or email me at: Stephanie@of2minds.com  If you are interested in learning more about the services I offer as a Personal Life Coach click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this page http://www.stephaniealt.com/  You can read more on my website: http://www.of2minds.com/

“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”

Stephanie Rachel Alt,MS

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