Intuition Has a Voice of Its Own; Examples of How Intuition Speaks

In Oprah’s final show she urged all her viewers to “listen to the whispers in your head”, and this month’s August 2011 issue of O Magazine is the first ever publication in eleven years, devoted to instinct and intuition! As an avid writer, and proponent of the extraordinary capacity and power of the sixth sense, I feel all the more inspired to continue sharing amazing stories and mental coaching tips, to help further your understanding on this increasingly more visible topic. This article will provide additional information on the intuitive voice and include a different spin on Martha Beck’s article (featured in this month’s O Magazine) “Our Buddies our Selves”.

Martha Beck writes, “Wisdom Is Sensory, Not Verbal” and quotes a wise friend of hers who goes on to say that she does not hear a guiding voice, but rather feels something like “a little kid tapping her on the shoulder”. These observations sound like they come from two people who have a heightened kinesthetic, feeling sense. They are empathic or sentient. But not all of us get intuitive information this way. Some people are more visual and get insights which preview something to come or show something which has already occurred. And some like me are more auditorily oriented, with the ability to internally hear accurate information without prior conscious knowledge of the situation. We hear an intuitive and wise inner voice.

Intuitions are thought perceptions which are triggered through a combination of all our five senses, but in our minds we primarily see and hear these types of thoughts, just like our ordinary ones. Empathic people get feelings in their bodies which also translate into thought. I have spoken with health practitioners who do therapeutic massage and report getting images as well verbal descriptions about emotional issues as well as physical aliments while working with the muscular tensions in their client’s bodies.

Now,I’d like to elaborate more on the intuitive inner voice. Usually most of us have a lot on our minds and entertain more than one voice, or whisper at a time. How does one learn to recognize the intuitive ones? Are there specific attributes which make extra sensory communications more distinguishable? From clinical training and personal experience, I have discovered that indeed there are some very specific differences.

Intuitive messages seem to cut through regular airtime like a public alert system, interrupting ordinary mental activity, often first with a sensory signal (instinct), and then a verbal message to follow. And though the alerts and warnings may be about emotionally charged issues, the intuitive voice tone sounds calm, collected, and almost stoic. Intuitive messages are also brief, and to the point? There is a benevolent yet assertive quality in their commands.

The intuitive voice also lingers longer than other sixth sense perceptions like premonitions. Images tend to be fleeting. Though this voice persists it does not sound off indefinitely. This aspect reminds me of a phone which rings several times before reverting to a recorded message, when the dialed party fails to pick up. And unfortunately most of us have been conditioned to ignore intuitive calls. Luckily the intuitive voice will try to contact us several times again before diverting its attention elsewhere.

Here are three personal examples of how my intuitive voice advised and warned me, all in the course of a day… It was a Friday and I was consulting at a bookstore which has intuitive readers and life coaches. I am both.

I had a speaking engagement planned at an alternative coffee shop and lounge for Sunday, and another scheduled at this same bookstore for the following Friday. Around noon I decided to take a break and walk to the local deli to pick up a bite to eat. I passed the large chalkboard which hangs directly outside the store’s front door and holds information for upcoming events. I noticed my name in brightly colored letters at a glance, but didn’t stop to look further. I was hungry and the need to get food overrode the thought which said, “Something is wrong on this board”.

I got to the deli and scanned the salads in the showcase. I noticed they had Caprese salad which was appealing. Again, I heard an inner warning. “The mozzarella looks spoiled”. Did I listen? No… With salad and drink in hand I returned to the store passing the chalk board for a second time. And as I did, I received another intuitive alert, “Check the board. Something is wrong”. “I will after I eat” I told myself opening the Caprese salad. Can you guess what happened next? I took one bite and gagged. The cheese was slimy and sour!

Annoyed with myself for ignoring the forewarning, I sealed the container and hurriedly left the store to exchange my rotten lunch. Three’s a charm and on return I stopped and read the announcement board. The title and description for my talk were both erroneous. They described a talk and mini workshop I had already given, a month prior! Lucky I adhered to the advice of my intuitive voice and caught these mistakes, giving me a week in advance to advertise the accurate information for my lecture.

After lunch another intuitive message popped into my mind. This time I heard “Call Hilary”. Hilary was the events coordinator at the coffee house; the venue where I was speaking in two days. I made a mental note to follow up on this later, which slipped by the wayside after a busy afternoon at work, and the routine of family activities in the evening. The following morning, Saturday, just as I got ready to take my daughter somewhere, the intuitive voice chimed in again with more urgency, “Call Hilary now”! I set my car keys down and dialed Hilary. A man answered the phone. “May I speak with Hilary”, I asked? “Hilary no longer works here” he said. Alarmed I explained I was the guest speaker for the following day, Sunday. “Oh, we don’t have events here on Sundays anymore” he replied indifferently. Nonplussed I asked to speak with the new events coordinator. A pleasant sounding young woman came to the phone, and explained what happened. Hilary was recently transferred to another position at another store, but had passed along her bookings calendar where my lecture was in fact posted. “Did Hilary send out the Public Service Announcements to the newspapers, and post my flyers before she left? I forwarded them to her more than a month ago”. “I believe she sent the PSA’s to the papers, but as for the flyers, I only see one posted on our bulletin board. If you email me the original one, I will make copies and circulate them today. I am truly sorry for all the confusion, and I will notify our staff of the event for tomorrow. I promise we will have the room in order for you. I am grateful you called”, she concluded. I was also grateful. My intuitive voice, which I reverently refer to as, “the voice of a higher calling” saved the day once again.

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“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”
Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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  1. Corina on the Jul 29, 2011 remarked #

    Hi Stephanie! I was so happy to read your recent blog. I always feel so supported and happier when I connect with you. Your personal story at the end especially effected me. I am getting much better at listening and following the guidance I am being given, also, the more I do the more it emerges.

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