Food for Good Thoughts; Self Hypnosis & Power of Positive Suggestion

Did you know remembering a smell or taste is one of the most powerful ways to go into a trance state? Many stress reduction, self awareness, and hypnosis techniques use guided imagery with pictures and soothing music to lead your thoughts away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, into the quiet, expansive world of your subconscious mind.

But soliciting the olfactory and gustatory senses is much more expedient. How often has a smell brought you back in time? Catching a whiff from a bakery or pizzeria, inhaling someone’s perfume or aftershave cologne, grabs your attention, and off you drift, reminiscing. I recently went to San Francisco and as we walked, I stopped and took a deep breath. I am one of those people who love the smell of a city. It reminds me of New York City where I grew up, and many adventures with friends and family.

Did you ever see the quirky and wonderful movie “Harold and Maude”? Ruth Gordon plays Maude, an eighty year old bohemian woman who invents a machine which can fabricate her favorite smells, like snow and mowed grass. She befriends Harold; a morose twenty year and with her “odorifics”, her savored scents, helps him recapture his zest for life. I wish we had bottled everyday smells on hand like New York City, to douse the blues away, but eating certain foods will do the same thing. A mouthful of a favorite dish can turn a bad mood around. Some people call these “comfort foods”.

Actually comfort foods are simple carbohydrates, which are easy to digest, like macaroni and cheese, rice, and mashed potatoes. The foods I am referring to are any foods that elicit good memories. Are there certain foods that you crave from your childhood, or foods you have a yen for that are associated with a great experience? When you feel out of sorts, eat something that has special meaning.

Sometimes I crave a scrambled egg sandwich with ketchup on white bread which reminds me of countless after school hours with my best friend. My daughter and I had “Colombian tea time” with our friend. She served black tea with milk and sugar, and saltines with margarine and a variety of jams. We sat, sipped, munched, and talked for a few hours! When we went grocery shopping, a few days later my daughter said, “Let’s get saltines mom. I am craving them”. I think she also wanted to recapture some really pleasant feelings too.

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