Of 2 Minds; Using Common and Intuitive Sense

My name is Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S. Learning how to process intuitive information has become a way of life, which started nearly forty years ago! In this blog I will share personal extraordinary stories, exercises, and outside resources, shining a spotlight on our obscured sixth sense, intuition. Together I hope we will create an ongoing dialog, where I will answer your questions, comment on your experiences, and offer you practical suggestions to further your understanding about the power and wisdom of intuitive intelligence. I also want to use this forum to teach you the difference between instincts and intuitions, so you will feel more adept using both instincts and intuitions in your daily life. And by sharing our “out of the ordinary” experiences, I believe we can build a sturdier belief system to support another realm of possibilities.

I look forward to embarking on this new journey together.

If you would like more information about me and the services I offer check out my Services page here on the blog site or visit my website:  http://www.of2minds.com/  I welcome your questions and comments. You may email to Stephanie@of2minds.com or post them in the comment box.

“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future, and opens doors to the extraordinary”.                        Stephanie Rachel Alt

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  1. justathought on the Aug 30, 2009 remarked #

    Hello Stephanie…
    I have a question regarding intuition/instinct..like nurture/nature…while in therapy a while back…this came up for me..how do I know if what I am sensing,feeling or hearing in my being..is really my intuition or insanity?..and what if my choices go against my intuition and after the fact my "hunches" were correct?

    Well lesson learned…what if what I thought I was feeling intuitivly was actually an incorrec assumption? how can one differentiate what they are hearing is intuition or perhaps a temporary psychosis?
    Intuition at times seems like a vague projection and many times I have been mistaken. Other times it has been right on. How can one really know when to act on their intuition regardless of trusting it or not?

    withso many conflictive thoughts …perhaps you could shed a bit of light on this for me. What do you think? (:

  2. Stephanie R. Alt on the Aug 31, 2009 remarked #

    Dear Justatthought,

    I will be posting a new blog to clarify instincts and intuition in the next few days. Look for it. I believe it will clarify some of your questions. Also on my website, http://www.of2minds.com under services tab there is some info that might be helpful too. To start, instincts are feelings in your body that we often refer to as "funny feelings" that come over you all of a sudden for no apparent reason.
    Each of us feels our instinctive response differently. The problem as you say is that the mind starts questioning these feelings and you begin to get confused..The thoughts and emotions muddle your initial instinctive response. Do your best to act on your first feeling…Take it as a warning. Stop, look and listen…When in doubt, don't….
    Thanks for your comments and questions. I hope in the weeks to come, things will become clearer.

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