Personal Growth, Self Actualization, and Intuitive Coaching

I recently read the following quote by Abraham Maslow on self growth and self actualization.

“Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is.” ~Abraham Maslow

Do you believe we are born to do certain things; that for example some of us are destined to teach, or write, counsel, create art, make music, dance, work in a medical field, be computer geeks, protect and defend our city or the nation?

Most of us discover that we have certain propensities in childhood yet by the time we become adults many of these interests seem to fall by the wayside. What if our passions for certain activities are indicative of something deeper; a purpose for being?

Do you remember thinking about what you wanted to “be” when you were a child? Are you currently working at least in part, doing something you want? Or have you set aside your dreams because they didn’t seem practical or were not feasible to pursue? Unfortunately many people relinquish what may in fact be their true callings. Circumstances often dictate the need to do so. But perhaps we do not have to do this entirely and forever.

I urge people to pick up interests they’ve abandoned. As an intuitive coach one of the services I offer is channeling information about people’s natural talents and inner gifts. Usually someone will ask because they are at a crossroads in their careers feeling stagnant and disillusioned. I can’t count how many times a client will say afterward, “I used to do that, or I always wanted to do…” and thank me for affirming this part of them. It is very rewarding to support aspects I feel are core to who these people are.

Here is a remarkable story I’d like to share… Unbeknown to me, a famous and renowned man sat down for a reading. I took his hands, closed my eyes, and spoke. “E… is a playwright of screen plays. He has written many comic tragedies. It is time for him to direct. He needs to be in the director’s chair. There is a new project in the making and for some reason I am hearing that this new project is a revision of a classic children’s fairy tale”.

“Is this accurate” I asked? Astonished the man answered, “Yes, I have in fact just won an Academy Award for a screenplay. But, I have been writing for years, and I do want to direct. I am collaborating on a new project which happens to be a revision of Cinderella”! …

Abraham Maslow said, “Therapy of any sort is a means of restoring a person to the path of self-actualization and development along the lines dictated by their inner nature. When the four basic needs have been satisfied, the growth need or self-actualization need arises: A new discontent and restlessness will develop unless the individual is doing what he individually is fitted for. A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write–in short, what people can be they must be”.

I wonder if having heightened intuition is also a part of our intrinsic nature. What do you think?

In upcoming blogs I will share more stories about channeling inner talents and gifts. I welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to post them directly in the comment box or email me at: stephanie@of2minds.com  If you would like to learn more about me and the services I offer click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this page: http://www.stephaniealt.com/  You can also visit my website: http://www.of2minds.com/

“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”                       Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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  1. Anonymous on the Jan 12, 2010 remarked #

    Thank you Stephanie,

    I really enjoy reading your blogs. They always offer enough insight to have me survey and assess my life. I love that you are available to people as a tool to help them find their "best" self. The piece of information that I really connected to was the part of the Abraham Maslow quote, "…what people can be they must be" It seems so simple, like burn more calories than you take in or spend less money than you make, but so true! It seems it would be such a gift to be guided into an area in which one is meant to excel. That must be amazing for you to be able to midwife people into maximizing their talents and opportunities. And that is so important now, it reminded me of a piece from and interview I heard on Fresh Air with Jason Reitman, the director of Up in the Air (yes I loved it too, a bit of a heartbreaker). They used real people who had lost their jobs as the objects of the hatchetmen in the film and he notes:

    "If you'd asked me before I did this movie, 'What's the worst thing about losing your job in this type of economy?' I would've probably said the loss of income," Reitman explains. "But as I talked to these people, that rarely came up. What people said, time and time again, was: 'I don't know what I'm supposed to do.' … It was really about a lack of purpose. They would say, you know, 'After I finish this interview, I'm going to go get in my car, and I have nowhere to be.' And I can't imagine thinking that every day."

  2. Susan Gale on the Feb 05, 2010 remarked #

    Stephanie, Toward a Psychology of Being and Religion and the Peak Experience are two books by Maslow I think you would find immensely rewarding to read. I am not so sure of the exact wording of the title of the second one. Maslow’s work had an enormous effect on my work. My school that I had in the 90′s was always measured as to how it encouraged the 8 characteristics of the self-actualized person. What he calls peak experiences are what we call being connected to the spirit world, in my mind.

    Carry on!

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