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I was speaking with my aunt the other night over the phone and she said, “I have another Stephanie moment to tell you.” I truly appreciate that she and my uncle are now loyal readers of this blog, Amazing Stories about Instincts and Intuitions. Aside from our limited discussions over the years neither of them has expended a lot of energy exploring issues like extra sensory perception and the power of thought. But recently much to her surprise my aunt has had some out of the ordinary experiences! Do you think there is a correlation between what she’s reading and what is happening? I do.

Storytelling is a powerful teaching tool and format for positive suggestion and influence.

At the end of the month this blog will celebrate its first anniversary in publication. I continue to be impressed by responses from people who email inspired to share what’s happened to them. My intention in writing and speaking is to do just this; and invite people to explore and develop their sixth sense in an unobtrusive manner. It seems that as we listen or read about someone else’s experience we identify with parts that feel relevant in our own life and we are reminded of situations that are similar. And even when the information is novel the intrigue poses  a “waking suggestion”; an indirect message to the subconscious to consider the possibility and broaden one’s perception of reality.

Here’s her story… My aunt was in terrible car accident in the 1980’s seriously injuring her back, leg and foot. Over the years she has been very persistent and diligent about her recovery process. And she continues to explore alternative ways to regain strength, balance, and flexibility as well as relieve her chronic pain. About five years ago she met a Physical Trainer in Washington, DC who demonstrated a particular exercise taken from The Egoscue Method. My aunt did this exercise three times a week and within a month noticed remarkable improvement. It made such an impression that she has shown this exercise to family members and friends who have also had positive results.

My aunt and uncle relocated to Florida right before the New Year. They found a beautiful retirement community which has many amenities including a fitness center. Each of them has a private Trainer and individualized work out plans. Last week, my aunt was doing this particular exercise she learned in DC when the Water Aerobics instructor walked by, stopped and inquired about it. “This exercise is part of a series of pain relief exercises developed by a man who was a Korean War Veteran. Unfortunately I can’t remember the man’s name, which also happens to be the name of the method” my aunt replied. “If you find out more let me know.” the instructor said. Feeling bugged to remember she thought, “Now, I really want to find this man’s name.”

A couple of days later while out running some errands not far from home, something grabbed my aunt’s attention. She glanced to the right. A sign in the shopping center triggered a flash back. It read Egoscue Method, the name of the man and the method! Astonished she circled around and went inside to check it out. She felt compelled to confirm that this was the information she had been so intent on recalling. It was indeed… She even learned the name of the exercise ; static back exercise that started the ball rolling. How many times had she passed this storefront without noticing? Probably a zillion over the last eight months!

What is even more exciting than her story is my aunt’s enthusiasm experiencing  the power of thought and synchronicity, which seems to be occurring more often. The Stephanie moments are now her’s to enjoy.

I am reminded of a recent movie I saw with my children, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” starring Nicolas Cage?” Have you seen it? Cage plays Balthazar a powerful sorcerer who travels through time to modern day in order to find Merlin’s prophesied apprentice, who turns out to be an N.Y.U. physics student. Balthazar teaches him three key principles in order to hone his inner power. 1) Clear your mind. 2) Focus on what you want. 3) Believe…

Magical things happen outside of the theater in real time. If you have out of the ordinary sixth sense experiences you’d like to share feel free to post them directly or email me at: Stephanie@of2minds.com/ To learn  more  about me and the services I offer as a Personal Life Coach click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this page: http://www.stephaniealt.com/ or visit my website: http://www.of2minds.com/

“Fine-tuning intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”                          Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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  1. judith leitner on the Aug 09, 2010 remarked #

    Enjoyed your blog – Looking forward to more “moments.”

    Where does that final quote come from??

    “Fine-tuning intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”

    How true!!!!

    Love, Judy

  2. Stephanie Alt on the Aug 09, 2010 remarked #

    The final quote that you refer to is my own quote. Thank you Judy.

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