Following Your Feelings Choosing A Medical Professional…

Most of us were taught as little children not to question people of authority, especially doctors. Now as adults what happens when something a medical professional says emphatically…feels implicitly wrong? They are the experts, right? Do you have their years of education and training?

But what if your response runs deeper than emotion? Questioning a doctor may instigate one of the hardest inner battles you will ever have to negotiate. After years of compliance you resist and take charge, taking responsibility for your life or the life of a loved one. Yet fighting to survive is a natural instinct. And pursuing our feelings, following a line of questions, researching alternatives, seeking second and third opinions, is not being disobedient. It is taking good care of us.

Sometimes doctors miss things, and sometimes they can’t “think outside the box”. We certainly DO have a right to feel comfortable with our physicians. There are many to choose from. Make your health and welfare a collaborative effort. It is your innate right to do so.

In upcoming blogs I will share accounts from sessions, friends, and personal experiences to encourage and support you to trust and act on your feelings especially when it comes to your medical care.

My son needed minor oral surgery, before the orthodontist could apply braces. The orthodontist recommended an oral surgeon. His dental assistant explained what to expect which included anesthesia. “Can’t I just have Novocain”, my son asked? “Usually the doctor likes to have children asleep in case they startle, but you can ask him” she said. I understood my son’s anxiety. I prefer remaining conscious during medical procedures whenever possible. We went for the consultation and my son asked if he could just be numbed. I had reservations too. Putting him under seemed a bit extreme for one small extraction.

The oral surgeon was indignant. He said under no circumstances, it was too dangerous and much too stressful for a child to be awake. He recommended we schedule the surgery for the late morning, nothing to eat or drink after dinner the night before. Plan on about an hour in surgery plus another hour in recovery, and the rest of the day at home recuperating.

My chest tightened like it was wedged between a vice script. It’s the feeling I get when something’s not right. I’ve learned to heed this warning. “We are going to talk things over and I will call you back when we decide” I said. Perhaps this is a fail safe precaution for children but what about a fifteen year old? I noticed my son’s blanched face. His hands were clenched. He looked frazzled. In the car ride home I asked, “What do think”? “I don’t know mom, he’s the doctor”. “What did you feel? Did you like this doctor” “No, I thought he was an arrogant jerk” my son replied. “Let’s talk to another doctor before we decide. I didn’t have a good feeling about this doctor either. He may be a great surgeon but liking a doctor is really important. I will call the oral surgeon who’d worked on me and ask if he works with kids. He was wonderful”. My son was very relieved! I called and luckily he works with children. We met and talked over the options.

This oral surgeon was more than willing to do the procedure with Novocain and nitrous gas if my son wanted it. On the day of the surgery I picked my son up from school before lunch. He’d eaten breakfast, and a light snack knowing his mouth would be sore for awhile. He was in and out of the doctor’s office in an hour. Everything went splendidly. My son felt good enough to return to school for his afternoon classes. The next day he was back to himself. It was a good lesson in following your instincts… And the cost for this visit including a follow up was $1000 less than the fee of the first doctor.

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