Synchronicity; Amazing Stories About the Power Of Mind

Ever since my children were little I’ve shared the extraordinary, out of the ordinary experiences I have. More than any talent I want my children to develop their sixth sense; to trust their insight, intuitive voice, and instinctive feelings. With heightened sensitivity I believe they will become their own best advocates and guardians which are key factors to success and inner contentment.

And hopefully my living examples of extra sensory perception will continue to provide a credible role model. My son recently said, “The one unique thing about you mom, is your intuition. I wish I could manifest things that I think about like you do.” “What’s preventing you”, I asked? “I know things like this happen to you, but I doubt they can happen to me”. “Well I said, maybe this is where you start. Fear and uncertainty block us from receiving anything”.

I often wonder just how much belief, factors into one’s capacity to have extra sensory experiences. Is it enough to entertain the possibility?

Carl Jung wrote about “synchronicity”; meaningful coincidences like the coinciding of a thought or feeling with an outside event (telepathy, premonition, clairvoyance) And Jung believed synchronicities occur when there is a strong need in the psyche of the individual…

What constitutes a strong need? Can the need for first hand experience in order to believe be a powerful enough incentive?

I remember having my first out of ordinary experiences when I was a teenager. I was searching for answers, a deeper connection to cope with the traumas in my childhood. Now my seventeen year old son is on his own personal quest. Once you have an out of ordinary experience does it start the ball rolling? Is my son’s earnest soul search the reason why he’s had a recent bout of synchronicity? Has he made a significant shift in his consciousness, removed mental barriers allowing him to actualize his thoughts? I have no answers. It’s fascinating! What are your thoughts and beliefs?

Here’s what happened to my son in the last few weeks…

We were driving to our dojo ,the martial arts center where my children study a form of jujutsu, and my son was talking about running into kids he knew in preschool and kindergarten. One boy in particular came to mind, and I asked if he had seen him. “Yeah, I actually did. It took me awhile to figure out who he was. Seb is a year older than me and he graduated last year. I recognized him right before school ended. He’s changed a lot. He’s gone kind of “Emo”. I don’t think you’d recognize him”.

I stopped the car at an intersection waiting for the light to change. Another car pulled up on our right. “Mom, you are not going to believe this,” my son exclaimed! “That’s Seb in the back seat of the car next to us. I mean it mom. I can’t believe it! We were just talking about him and there he is. This is amazing” he said…

We continued to reminisce. “I wonder what happened to the sweet little girl you were best friends with in first and second grade. The two of you were inseparable. She used to sit with her head on your shoulder in the reading corner. It was precious”.

A few days later I went to watch my daughter’s tennis match. I pulled up a chair near the baseline fence as she collected balls to serve. “Guess who I am playing” she whispered? “I haven’t a clue”. “The girl we were just talking about. The girl brother knew in first grade. She asked me if I was his sister because she recognized our last name in the line up. Call him and tell him to come to my match”! …

Over the weekend we went shopping. At lunch my son told me that when he got up in the morning for some reason he started thinking about a young woman he dated last summer, wondering where she was going to college. “Did you recognize the sales girl at the store we just left” he asked? It was the girl he dated…

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