Powerful Beliefs; Are You An Idealist or Skeptic?

In working with people over many years it seems there are two general groups of us; the believers and those who doubt. I’ve reckoned that it takes the same mental energy to conjure a positive outlook as it does a dismal one, so I tend to imagine a good outcome. Yet some bank on the “this is highly unlikely” odds, and therefore assume things will not happen. What about you? Are you a skeptic, or a positive thinker? Do you consider yourself pragmatic, or are you an idealist?

I went to Sanibel Island with my daughter recently. We met some of our relatives and started the holiday season off with some sun and fun. On the first day of our stay, I overheard another visitor speaking with the owner of the inn. He had just returned from a bike ride through Ding Darling Natural Reserve, and sighted the one and only crocodile that lives on the island. My ears perked up and I felt a rush of determination.

Somehow, someway I was going to see this eleven foot prehistoric old gal! She became the topic of talk for awhile and the following day we set out early to see some native birds and hopefully spot Madame Crocodile. We meandered slowly in the car, stopping at many vista points to get close ups peeks with binoculars and a scope my cousin’s partner brought along. It was truly spectacular viewing Roseate Spoonbills, White Pelicans, and Blue Herons up close and personal. But we had no luck sighting the crocodile. By mid day we were hot and getting bothered by the bugs.

We decided to leave and try again later in the day when it was cooler. We returned to the reserve about an hour before sunset. My uncle drove with a purpose, quicker, heading for the designated areas where the crocodile had been spotted previously. There was a definite division of sentiment, and the carload felt more heavily weighted by the doubters.

Just as we passed the first marker my daughter called out from the back. “There it is. I see it”! We threw the car doors open just barely waiting for the vehicle to come to a complete stop. A huge reptile; what I believe to be the crocodile, was gliding through the inlet. We ran along the side of the road keeping her in sight. She stopped, pausing long enough for a photo shoot that we feebly attempted with our cell phone cameras, and then submerged, vanishing in thin waters much to her fans dismay.

Some of the family believes this was just another alligator. You know I believe differently. Out of curiosity, I looked for photos of the Sanibel crocodile on the internet. Our sighting was exactly where she hangs out, and has been sighted consistently over the years…

Has something you’ve wished for suddenly appeared? Do you remember how your body felt focusing on what you wanted? I’ve noticed certain consistencies in my physical state when I set my sights on something that materializes.

In my next blog I will share the story of our moose sighting. Maybe I have an animal whisperer looming inside me…

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  1. Evonne Linker on the Feb 10, 2010 remarked #

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  2. Ingrid Kosmowski on the Feb 14, 2010 remarked #

    You made a superb point with what you stated. People ought to read your post to allow them to get a better viewpoint on this matter. It was great of you to offer fine information and encouraging reasons. After reading this, I know my mind is pretty certain about the topic. Keep up the great job!

  3. Stephanie Alt on the Feb 14, 2010 remarked #

    “The meaning of communication is the response you get”.

    Thank you Ingrid. Your comment means a lot to me. I will continue writing and hope you will continue to find my posts inspiring. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Moriah Hernadez on the Feb 22, 2010 remarked #

    Heya i got to your site by mistake when i was searching bing for something off topic here but i do have say your site is really helpful, like the theme and the content on here…so thanks for me procrastinating from my previous task, lol

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