Instinct is Your Superhero

Whenever I teach workshops on instincts and intuitions I routinely ask, “Have you had out of ordinary experiences and how many were times when you’ve felt eminent danger? It is astonishing to hear participants retell how they escaped near disasters. Without hesitation and a moment’s thought a primordial force, an instinctive response saves the day.

How would you describe what happens when your instincts spring into action?

The first time this happened I was surprised by my involuntary response. It felt like a foreign entity entered my body and navigated until the coast was clear.

I was watching my daughter horseback riding, sitting in our car parked under a tree, some fifty yards back from the arena. Suddenly I saw her jolt forward and I knew she was in danger. I remember flinging the car door wide open and screaming “NO”! My voice bellowed so loudly I felt it reverberate in the back of my head. But I vaguely heard it off in the distance because I was moving so quickly. I flew. Within an instant I was standing by the fence. Time warped. In slow motion I watched my daughter somersault through the air and land face down in the dirt with a thud. The outside world disappeared. With bated breath I waited for my daughter to stir. Fortunately she was stunned but not harmed. On our way home we mused at how fierce and animal like my response was.

In psychology Carl Jung expounded on the idea of archetypes which are ideal psycho-dynamic aspects of our self. You may be familiar with terms like Inner child, Anima and Animas. Another classic archetype is the Hero or Heroine. Focused on daily life this subconscious spiritually powered part acts like a personal body guard. Its’ sole mission is to protect and defend keeping the being out of harms way. It is also designed to confront the shadow aspects of our personality which lead to self sabotage. What I find interesting to note is that Jung described the Hero/ Heroine archetype as dumb or more politely put ignorant, with a limited and concrete perspective. The Hero is associated with the ego and conscious mind that dwells on the rational and scientifically verifiable. Only after the Sage takes the Hero under his tutelage does this inner force evolve as an initiate into the supreme collective consciousness.

And when this happens I like to think a Superhero archetype is formed. Drawing on extra sensory perception and the ancestral inborn patterns of behaviors that are characteristic of all human beings, our instincts, the Superhero performs remarkable incomprehensible feats.

If you were to personify an inner Superhero who would you choose? Feel free to pick a variety of attributes from different literary or film characters to form a unique identity. As playful as you may find this exercise, it is also quite powerful. Modeling excellence is an important principle in NLP training. Stretch your mental parameters to include models for the paranormal. It lends more credibility to the conscious mind when extraordinary things occur.

Years ago I selected Morgaine from the book Mists of Avalon. The women of Avalon were primarily petite dark haired psychic dynamos.  I am petite dark haired and very intuitive. It seemed fitting at the time. Recently I made a revision. The heroine from the movie Avatar, Neytiri is my new Superhero Archetype.

I’ll end this post by sharing some more death defying vignettes…

Last week a woman in my NLP Techniques and the Power of Thought class described being forewarned of an impending accident moments before it occurred. She had a premonition seeing an image of the truck in front of her spinning around turning back into the oncoming traffic. Her mother happened to be driving at the time. With a stern and discerning voice she ordered her mother to move into the next lane. Their car swerved by moments before reality struck…and the truck lost control. No one was injured…

A young man and his partner were taking a long road trip. They split the driving and he drifted off to sleep while she drove. But something made him bolt awake. He looked over at his partner and discovered she had nodded off. He reached over grabbed the wheel and steered them safely to the shoulder of the road…

I was sitting at my computer writing. Our neighbor’s puppy started barking. At first I ignored it thinking it was just lonely and wanted back into the house. But something told me the puppy was in trouble. I ran downstairs and stood on tip toes to peer over the fence. The little guy had gotten stuck in a garden moat and was trying to keep afloat on his two hind legs. He was trembling cold and tired. With the help of another neighbor we rescued the puppy. I am certain he would have drown had I not responded to my instinct…

I welcome your comments, questions and stories. I am also interested to hear about the Superhero archetypes you have created. You can post a comment here on my blog or email me directly at Stephanie@of2minds.com If you would like to learn more about me and the services I offer as a Personal Life Coach click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this page: http://www.stephaniealt.com/  or  visit my website: http://www.of2minds.com/

“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards the future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”                      Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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