Wake up Calls from Your Sixth Sense

Have you had close calls, mishaps that could have turned out far worse; times that were knee buckling but not devastating? You get an uncomfortable feeling, ignore it, and end up paying a price. “I was warned. I knew something was wrong” you say in the aftermath.

How many close calls does it take to make you a believer, to replace the old flickering light bulb with a long lasting energy saving one? Your sixth sense is a reliable source watching out and doing it’s best to protect you and those you love. These are “wake up calls”.

Last night I went to our dance club’s Halloween gathering. A dear friend I haven’t seen for awhile showed up. It was great to see him and his partner. While we were dancing he told me he’s been reading my blog and said,

“I have a story for you about following my instinct”. He and his partner went to the San Francisco Pier on the Embarcadero. They drove into a lot to park and my friend immediately had a funny feeling that the parking lot was not safe. But the lot was nearly empty and the parking fee was cheap, and when another car drove in and parked, he convinced himself to do the same.

“Did your new car get stolen” I gulped because I anticipated there wasn’t a happy ending to this story. “No, but when we came back I found one of my car windows smashed in”…

A few years ago my son was lining up on the black top after his Physical Education class. It was April Fool’s Day and he’d overheard some kids talking in the locker room about “pranking” kids by gang piling them. He had a sick feeling that he might be on their hit list. That night while we walked to my car I noticed he was limping. And then I noticed a huge scab on his forearm. “What happened I asked alarmed”? One kid came from behind and slammed him to the ground. Four others piled on top. He kicked and twisted he way free.…

I felt sick inside. He felt infuriated especially because he “knew”. There was that sick feeling he didn’t want to believe. And the Safety Patrol and Phys. Ed teachers are pretty “anal” about line up etiquette, so he got stuck figuring out a back up plan.

“What would you next time”? I asked. “Not get in line. Stand by the fence. Get some friends to watch my back” he said. “And trust yourself, please trust yourself next time and learn from this horrible experience” I said.

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