Emotional Self Defense; Shield Yourself From Negativity

Have you taken classes like yoga, meditation, or martial arts, where you’ve experienced the power of your mind? Self awareness breeds self confidence and personal power. It’s liberating learning to quiet and refocus distracting thoughts. The challenge is maintaining this mental on guard especially in emotionally charged situations.

Has something someone said thrown you off balance? Thoughts and words have powerful influence; positively or negatively. You can learn to filter thoughts, protect your psyche and keep negativity in abeyance. Are you conscious about your food choices to promote optimal health? Think about what you feed your mind. Become as mindful about the thoughts you entertain. Choose which thoughts to ingest and push away the rest. When something someone says leaves a bad taste in your mouth, spit it out!

Last week I went through an emotional ordeal. I had a recall on my mammogram. Logically I know this happens to many women, like the client I wrote about in my last blog. But because my mother died when she was very young and I was told as a teenager “Daughters of mothers who have breast cancer are prone to getting breast cancer ten years earlier”… the recall dredged up haunting thoughts.

I immediately felt drained and tense. At which point another part of me rallied. “It’s time refocus”. In martial arts you find the “third point” and in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) you assume the “meta position”, a third point of view. It’s the unbiased observer, the referee, the arbitrator.

I sat down, closed my eyes, focused my breath, and became still. I felt like I was floating in a bubble above the bedlam. My intuition said that I was cancer free. I began calling calls from the sidelines, coaching myself; “Trust your instincts. Create your own family history. The mold broke with your mother. This is your life not hers. Say “No thanks” to cancer”.

I chanted these positive thoughts like spiritual mantras. Was I prepared for the worst? Yes… but I refused to entertain those thoughts until or unless I had to. The procedures took over two hours. Waiting for the results was a bit tense. I imagined writing about the positive outcome and sharing with you my readers, how to emotionally defend yourself. Finally the radiologist walked in. She said everything looks fine. I am healthy and well.

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