Prayers Answered; Trust Your Feelings Finding A Doctor

My daughter will always be prone to getting Shingles outbreaks. Her immune system doesn’t fend off the Herpes Zoster virus. It is a myth that children do not get Shingles, they do, and I hope no family ever goes through what we did.

It’s been seven years since my daughter’s first Herpes Zoster (Shingles) outbreak. It took nearly two years to get an accurate diagnosis and antiviral medication, because five physicians; three pediatricians, two dermatologists, and one allergist misdiagnosed her insisting she had atopic dermatitis, eczema. It was living hell watching my daughter suffer and dealing with professional arrogance, ignorance, and medical sloppiness.

Instinctively I felt they were wrong. But I had nothing to go on and my daughter’s health was at stake. At some point my intuition broke through this thick fog of fear. I kept hearing, “This is systemic. This is not topical”. Had I not followed this intuitive thought, I believe my daughter would have been hospitalized, and I shudder to think about what would have happened from there.

You can read more about this on my website under Publications. Scroll down and click onto “Amazing Stories”. I have been keeping a diligent eye on my daughter’s skin ever since, and whenever she begins to get hot spots I douse her with Calamine. But this summer the rash reappeared and flared with a vengeance. My gynecologist has followed my daughter’s case over these seven years. He was the doctor I turned to in sheer desperation. I trust him implicitly. He is the one doctor who listened carefully and respectfully to me as I recounted the history and progression of her rash. And he is the doctor who ordered the “right” blood work which indicated she had Zoster. He conferred with our pediatrician at the time, who in turn prescribed the antiviral medication… finally.

But we stopped going to that doctor a few years ago. He was one of the inefficient five, and through word of mouth found a new wonderful family physician, a Godsend and saving grace! Both my son and I have gone for check ups, and I planned to bring my daughter in after her High School tennis season ended, a few weeks ago.

I made an appointment and immediately started feeling extremely anxious. “Will we have to go through the whole rig a ma roll all over again? I pulled out the brief case full of pictures, lab results and letters, organizing them to have on hand for our visit. I was restless and had a few sleepless nights. Our appointment day arrived and I prayed that this doctor would “get it”, and things would go easily.

I left the folder of my daughter’s case history on the counter for the doctor to see. She came into the office, checked my daughter’s chart, read the reason for our visit, skimmed through my folder, smiled and said, …

“I have a funny personal story about Shingles. When I was a resident I had to do a dermatology rotation and the Chief of Dermatology had a reputation for humiliating the residents. I read up on skin diseases and was well versed on Shingles and the night before I was supposed to start this rotation, I had a Shingles outbreak! I went into the hospital the next morning and called the Chief aside worried that I was contagious, and worried I’d have to go home and miss this week of training. He was so delighted I knew what I was talking about that he spent a great deal of time with me. I became his star resident. And he told me “Shingles is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed skin conditions”… so I know a lot about Shingles”.

She took a quick look at my daughter, concurred, and sent us home with a renewable antiviral prescription.  My prayers were answered…

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