Intuition and Feeling Lucky; A Positive Attitude Helps

Right before I went on vacation I went to the beauty salon to get my hair done. I overheard one of the stylist’s talking about her recent trip to a casino where she won $6000 playing on a slot machine! I said in jest, “Maybe if I touch you some of your luck will rub off”. “Go right ahead, I am lucky” she answered proudly. In our small city with a population of nearly 150,000 people this stylist also won the only two tickets offered by our local news station last year, to the American Idol season finale.

Her unwavering confidence poked at me. I’ve never felt charmed to win money, raffles, or lottery tickets. I was ecstatic when I won a cake on a cake walk at our Elementary School carnival years ago. To date it is probably my only win of this sort.

“Do you know when you’re going to win? Do you get a signal in advance”, I asked her? “Yes, I get a feeling” she said. “My granddaughter is the same way. We both just have a good sense about this.”

I can certainly relate to a kind of knowing without knowing why, yet she has faith in her intuition for a completely different class of experiences. I started thinking more about the correlation between having faith, feeling worthy, and receiving. How much does personal belief limit or facilitate our capacity to receive intuitive information about everything, including material gain? Does a sense of self worth and deserving have influence over what we manifest personally?

I have never used my intuition to gamble or predict a win. It is not an area I dabble in.  The hair stylist has a different perspective and set of criteria about how she uses her intuition. I am looking forward to speaking with her further about this. Somehow she has honed a positive attitude and strategy for good fortune.

What makes someone consistently lucky? Are you? My daughter is also a member of the “good luck” club. She has an uncanny way of winning card games and a zealous approach to playing.

I have good luck animal stories. In my next blog I will share how we “called” forth the one and only Sanibel Island crocodile. I hope you will share some of your good luck stories. Think about what was going through your mind right before you won. Did you have a strong feeling beforehand?

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  1. Julio Toribio on the Dec 28, 2009 remarked #

    "This article is making me think how our personal belief can be a limitation or a gift to facilitate our dreams, face our fears and take massive action toward our goals. As I listen to my intuitive thoughts I know I have the choice to do nothing or accept the gift to enter the unknown. I feel so lucky I can choose one way or the other although in most cases I accept the gift. Today I'm in Japan and feeling lucky. I'm appreciative for the gift. Julio Toribio – Seibukan Jujutsu Kancho"

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