Trust Your Feelings; Ignoring Instincts Can Cost You A Lot!

One Saturday night just as I was getting ready to leave, it started pouring. Clearing the dinner table I suddenly felt chilled, listless, and deflated like someone let the air out of me. I remember saying, “Ughh, I dread driving in this weather. Maybe I should just stay home.” But I hadn’t gone dancing in a few weeks and I wanted a change of company. Living with two teenagers merits times out. And as much as I “know” better, I buffered these feelings and convinced myself to brave the storm. There is a dance club that’s been gathering for nearly sixty five years dancing in an old Chautauqua Hall on the Monterey Peninsula. It’s a wonderful social mix of people and I always feel revitalized afterward. So in hindsight you could say, I gambled, played mental roulette, and lost…

Remember instincts are direct and to the point. Rationalizing usually gets you side swiped…

The visibility on the road was poor. I drove slowly relying on the reflective middle divide lines, and brake lights from the car in front, to guide me visually. My wipers slapped back and forth on high speed. I came to a stop and when the light changed I accelerated slowly.  I felt the front of the car lurch up and over something. And then I heard “CRUNCH” as it nosed down. Luckily I maintained control of the wheel and pulled over to the shoulder. A bit shaken I got out checking for damage. Everything seemed intact but as I started to drive off I realized I had a flat…

It’s dark and I am stranded on a one lane highway in an isolated area, low on gas and AAA says it will be about a forty five minute wait! The good news; it was a minor accident and I know the local towing company whose contracting with AAA. I called them directly to see if I can expedite matters. Within minutes a tow truck arrived. Hazel, a lovely, supportive, and very efficient mechanic put my spare tire on, and I was on my way. The bad news is that I have to replace the tire and buy a new rim which will cost me over $500.

It was an expensive night out to say the least! And though I can make light of this now, I could have spared myself this review crash course by acting on my instinct.

Have you had close calls, when your instincts tried to warn you? Did you heed the warning or learn the hard way? I welcome your comments and questions. You can post them directly or email me at: stephanie@of2minds.com  If you would like to learn more about me and the services I offer click on the Services tab in the upper right hand corner of this page: http://www.stephaniealt.com/  You can also visit my website: http://www.of2minds.com/

Feel free to email me at Stephanie@of2minds.com If you want to learn more about me and the services I offer, check out my website: www.of2minds.com

“Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future and opens doors to the extraordinary.”                          Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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  1. Anonymous on the Dec 29, 2009 remarked #

    Interesting Stephanie. Thanks for sharing. I still often find it hard to "know". I'll try to be more aware of this as I go about my day today.

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