The Difference between Instincts and Intuitions

Have you ever changed your plans, because you had a strong feeling that something was wrong and later learned that you avoided a dangerous situation?… Or made an important life change, like moving somewhere or working with someone, because there was such a positive draw to do so? And now you are grateful that you followed those feelings?…

Somehow we feel when something is wrong and right for us, but how do we know which feelings to trust? Do you remember how you received this information? Did you notice something odd? Did you hear words in your mind? Perhaps you felt something unusual physically, you felt uncomfortable, or had a feeling of urgency driving you to do something? All of us have natural instinctive responses.

Instincts are innate, natural impulses that are biologically wired into our bodies. Like personal emergency warning systems, they automatically signal us physically when there is a potential danger; something that may be harmful to us physically and or emotionally. Some people have a “gut feeling”, others feel pressure in their head, or tightness in the chest, shoulders, or neck. The body lets us know. Instincts also convey when something is positive, promising, and beneficial. Most often you’ll feel compelled to do something just because it “feels so right” even if it doesn’t make sense to you or anyone else.

Intuition is form of thinking. Intuitions happen in our minds. For no apparent reason and without any logical explanation a “sensing thought” pops into your head. You might hear an intuitive thought as clearly as if someone was speaking directly to you, or see a series of pictures, like a movie revealing some scenario. Too often we dismiss the initial instinctive feelings and intuitive thoughts. Trust your first feelings. If something doesn’t feel right, heed that warning.” When in doubt, don’t”. Give yourself time to review what’s happening. Ask yourself what insights you have, and listen to your thoughts again. Imagine yourself rewinding a CD or audio tape, and remember what you initially said to yourself about the situation.

Sharpening your instincts and intuitions takes practice, just like acquiring any new set of skills. Honoring these aspects of the self is very empowering.

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Stephanie Rachel Alt, MS

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    great article on instinct vs. intuition…….many great posts..reading through them…

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